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IQ Genex Review

IQ Genex is a nootropic supplement. It stands out for its abilities to help improve and increase several cognitive processes. In addition, it also has antioxidant properties, ability to improve mood and memory.

It has been extensively studied for many years, it is known to be well tolerated in most people who consume it and side effects or toxicity is very low.

Before starting to consume this supplement you must understand how it works, that is why in this article. We will tell you everything you need to know before starting to consume IQ Genex.

How does IQ Genex work?

It is not yet known at all how it works in your brain. What is known is that it easily crosses blood-brain barrier, therefore, it can act directly at brain level on neurotransmitters.

It sticks to acetylcholine receptors, making this potent neurotransmitter keep active for a longer time in brain. This effect seems to be mainly responsible for cognitive benefits of this supplement. Since, acetylcholine is fundamental for various mental processes; particularly memory, learning and concentration.

There also appears to be a modulation of certain chemicals in brain; Dopamine and serotonin. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter primarily responsible for regulating your mood. For its part, serotonin is a neurotransmitter capable of regulating wake and sleep cycles.

In summary, we can tell you that thanks to activity generated by IQ Genex in different chemical receptors. It makes it potentially beneficial to help you decrease anxiety, improve your mood, have greater concentration, better memory, etc.

Is formula of IQ Genex reliable?

Its combination with ingredients with scientific and natural evidence, makes this supplement will be awarded many benefits.

Though, seven ingredients with large properties are supported by scientific evidence. Unfortunately there is no information as to dosage as manufacturers do not disclose quantities. They only list ingredients and only explain amount of capsules contained in each bottle. And that recommended doses are two capsules per day.

So, it can be a big advantage when it comes to really trust this product. Even when there is evidence of benefits of different components to body of which IQ Genex is elaborated.

No doubt, it is necessary to know dosage that each ingredient contains individually. So, all we have are list of ingredients, but no more than that.

Benefits of IQ Genex

Benefits of this supplement are mainly related to better mental performance. It includes an improvement in memory and a greater capacity for learning. However, as with any type of supplement or drug, effects may vary from person to person. Some will notice a noticeable effect and in other cases effects will be much more tenuous.

IQ Genex will help you improve your focus. According to what users refer, it increases attention capacity and concentration. It also serves to recover mental fluency by making writing and reading easier. Also, users of this supplement report feeling more calm and relaxed when consuming this supplement. Summary of this supplement’s benefits is:

  • Promote working memory and cognition.
  • Boost your motivation and sociability.
  • Increase your mental energy and attention.
  • Increases sensitivity to neurotransmitter glutamate which mediates a large number of neuronal synapses.
  • It has effects that decrease anxiety and improves mood.

Clinical uses of IQ Genex

This supplement in addition to potentiating cognitive processes is used to treat various disorders or diseases. In this context, some recent research implies that this supplement may help treat Alzheimer’s disease. It can also solve problems of cognitive impairment caused by old age. So, it is being promoted as an anti-aging supplement. In addition, according to what users refer, IQ Genex can be effective in people with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

Thanks to effects of IQ Genex on serotonin and dopamine receptors, taking this supplement is effective in treating mood-related conditions. These conditions are nervousness, anxiety or even contributing to treatment of depression.

It can also help you increase your motivation and reduce sleep disorders. There is evidence to suggest that this supplement may even be effective for incidents of dizziness that occur by sudden movements.

IQ Genex slows down aging

From age of 30, it is common for many people to start having a certain loss of memory. This happens naturally due to our daily habits, but it is possible to reverse this using IQ Genex. Our brain making it work better and better perform its functions, thus helping to improve memory, concentration and also helping to learn more. For it is also common that after a certain age people start to save less information and forget some things.

Ingredients that make up IQ Genex are all natural and that’s why it works so well. Since it is made up of all vitamins and nutrients our brain needs to work best way possible. If you feel tired easily, cannot study for long periods, forget things easily and cannot focus on simple activities, it is solution you needed. Remembering that it is a supplement, which means that it is not a medicine and therefore you can use it without fear.

Is IQ Genex advisable to take it?

This supplement contains 7 very powerful ingredients with great benefits to improve cognitive performance. Problem is that whether or not this product works is complicated. Since, as has been said, it is due to lack of information on dosage of ingredients.

Therefore, it leaves in doubt its good functioning. Although it contains good ingredients and high quality, dosages are not known.

IQ Genex has side effects?

Although promising to be beneficial to body, adverse effects can occur as each person is different. And there may be some reactions to components.

Therefore, consult with a health professional so that you can advise about use of this type of supplements.

What is price and where to buy IQ Genex?

IQ Genex, like many other supplements, is only available on its official website. Prices may vary depending on currency in which it is quoted, as well as taking into account shipping cost already included.

Each bottle contains 60 capsules. It is what you leave as supply for a month.

In addition, company manages a good refund strategy than most other nootropic products being marketed. They offer 100% money back, if for any reason in two months of obtaining product you are not satisfied with it.

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